Moving house can be a major disruption to your life. In fact, it’s on the list as one of life’s most stressful events! Even if you are excited about moving into your dream home or new location, you need to make the move as easy as possible and hassle-free.   Having to move everything you own all at once can be a mammoth task.   When you start to sort through and pack all of your belongings you will be shocked at how much you have collected over the years.  Although moving house is a great opportunity to have a clear-out, there will be a lot of things you will want to take with you.  But how do you pack up your whole life all at once and move? AAA Storage Lismore can help you while you relocate.

Choose AAA Storage Alstonville when moving or relocating

Using a self-storage unit with AAA Storage Lismore will help you organise all of your things so the task of moving is a lot easier and not something that has to be done all in one day.  It is a good idea to start putting things into storage progressively, knowing you can always retrieve it at any time, should something be required.  We all accumulate a lot of stuff which builds up in living rooms, garages and other rooms.  Why not put everything into storage with AAA Storage Lismore and store your goods until you are ready to move.  Packing up and storing as much as you can yourself will also reduce the cost of a removalist on move out day.

Remove the clutter and take your time to sell

Woman sitting with face in hands surrounded by clutter

If you are selling your house, it is wise to start packing and boxing any items you do not need during the sale process.  This removes all the clutter and will give your home that open and spacious feel that so many potential buyers are looking for. Being able to show off a “display” style home will attract many more potential buyers.  Also, when you are just left with the basics, you will be able to see how they will fit into your new home.  Once you are in your new home, then you can decide which items you really want to keep.  You may decide to sell or give away a lot of things especially if you are a ‘down-sizer’ and have no extra space to put everything.

When you have your clean out you need to be ruthless.  Only keep those items you really need.  Then you can put all your excess stuff into storage with AAA Storage Alstonville which means you will have most things already packed before you even sell your house.

It is possible to store a lot of furniture and other items you will not need until the sale is finalised and you are ready to move into your new home.  If you start packing 1-2 months before the sale process even starts, moving house will be so much easier and more organised and a lot less stressful.

Keep everything safe until needed

AAA Storage Units

When the time comes for you to move into your new home, you will want to have the opportunity to properly inspect your new home as well as make sure everything is clean and in good repair before you move in. Sometimes you may need to do small repairs such as plumbing or electrical work or even make some final touches such as repainting before you move in.  When you have all your goods in storage with AAA Storage of Alstonville and Ballina, you will eliminate the pressure of having to unload everything from a removalist truck all in one day.  You will also have everything stored out of the way should you need to do any renovations such as installing a new kitchen.

When selling a house and buying a new one, it is not always possible to have the dates line up perfectly especially if there is a settlement chain.  It only takes one person to have a problem with their mortgage or removalist to create havoc.  It makes sense to store the bulk of your possessions in a safe storage facility such as AAA Storage Lismore, which will make the whole relocation process run more smoothly and you will be prepared in any event.  You will not want to put your sale at risk simply because you are not ready to move or be put in the difficult position of having to ask for an extension of time meaning you could lose the sale.

If the worst happens, and you have everything in storage, at least you can pack your essentials in your car and stay at a motel.  You certainly don’t want to be left stranded kerb-side with your removalist truck charging by the hour.

Take a break after you sell

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Some people like to take a break after selling their home by renting in another area they like.  This allows them to get used to the local area and lifestyle and allows more time to search for their dream home or even possibly build a new one.

Renting, moving in with family, or temporary accommodation may not afford all the space you need, so putting everything into storage means you will have all your things again once you find a new place.  If you’re not planning to stay too long, it is better to avoid unpacking and re-packing everything as much as possible. Unpacking things like out of season clothes, photo albums and books can be tiresome, and best avoided until you are finally ready to move into your new permanent home. It is best to put everything, except your day-to-day essentials into storage with AAA Storage Lismore, until you’re ready to move. Once in your new home, you can take your time to unpack your things as they are needed.  It is much easier to do small amounts of unpacking until you have everything exactly as you want it.

With all of your goods in secure storage with AAA Storage Alstonville, you can take your time to move things into your new home as and when it suits you.  AAA Storage is centrally located in Alstonville and only a very short drive from Wollongbar, Ballina, Goonellabah and Lismore.  If your new residence is located near AAA Storage Lismore, all of your belongings will be on hand at any time as and when you need them.  With 24/7 access, you can rest assured, you can access much needed items, any time of the day or night.

Prepare properly for your move

It is important to be organised for your move. This will make the packing and unpacking process a little easier.  Here are a few packing tips:

  • Obtain good strong packing supplies from places such as Officeworks or Bunnings. Sometimes recycling centres have cardboard boxes free of charge.
  • Wrap breakables in bubble wrap to keep them safe during removal and when in transit.
  • Large items like beds, will need to be disassembled to make moving easier. Any fixtures should be put in a plastic bag and taped to one of the main pieces. Wrap furniture in blankets or protective sheets to prevent any damage during the move.
  • Make sure all your boxes are clearly labelled (room by room) so you or your removalist can easily place the boxes into the correct room upon your arrival at your new home.
  • It’s a good idea to write your phone number and address on every box, just in case it goes missing.
  • Mark any boxes containing delicate items as fragile.
  • Any electronic items should have batteries removed before putting into storage.
  • Any whitegoods should be disconnected and drained. Follow correct techniques for storing whitegoods for best results.
  • Computer equipment should be put into boxes with silica gel packets to prevent moisture. Bubble wrap or foam is good to prevent accidental damage.
  • Make a list of items you need to put into storage.
  • Make use of every inch of space by filling every corner. Put large, heavy items to the back of the storage unit.  Stack boxes up high.  At AAA Storage Alstonville, we have extra high ceilings, so the amount of storage space in each unit will be surprising.
  • Pack lighter items on top.  Mattresses should be wrapped in plastic and stored on their side vertically.
  • Keep items you may need access to at the front of your storage unit.
  • Lock up your storage unit using your own unique padlock.

Insure your goods when moving

Whether moving across town or interstate, accidents can happen. You will want to have all of your household contents and goods insured properly for the move and when putting them into storage with AAA Storage Alstonville.  It is not always possible to insure items which may be irreplaceable or of personal or sentimental value. At AAA Storage Alstonville, we have state-of-the-art security including individually alarmed units, unique PIN code access and security fencing with flood lights after hours. You will have peace of mind when you put your goods into storage with AAA Storage Alstonville.

Unpack slowly

Young family unpacking moving boxes

Anyone who has moved house several times knows it is best to unpack slowly.  Although you will want to get settled into your new place as quickly as possible after moving day, it is best to take only what is needed initially and wait to unpack everything else slowly.  You will feel more in control and moving will be a much less stressful event.  Take time to consider what items you really want to bring into your new home and what items you might need to sell or giveaway.

Moving overseas

Man sitting at airport with feet on luggage

People moving to Australia, usually choose to rent a home to give themselves time to get to know the local area and make an informed decision about exactly where they want to live and what to buy.

Alternatively, if you are moving overseas, placing your belongings into storage with AAA Storage Alstonville will allow you travel freely.  Whether you have a short or long-term appointment overseas, you can rest assured your goods will be safe and secure with AAA Storage while you are out of the country.

If intending to be out of the country for an extended period, be sure to pack all of your items very well in strong boxes with protectors to minimise moisture, mould and vermin.   AAA Storage Alstonville offers clean dry units for your short or long term storage needs.

Moving for work

If you’re moving for work and your company is arranging the moving process, you may wish to consider placing your belongings into storage until you are settled.  AAA Storage Alstonville has secure self-storage which is accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Whether you are moving into fully furnished accommodation for a short-term deployment, or moving for the longer term, you will want to make sure all of your possessions are stored safely and securely.  You can keep your goods in storage with AAA Storage Alstonville for as long as needed.  If you decide to commit for the long term, it will be easy to access your belongings at any time and move all of your possessions into your new home when ready.