Renovating your home or business can be both exhilarating and exhausting. Successful renovations usually require a lot of preparation.  Apart from a new design and colour scheme, how do you work around all of your belongings during the renovation process? AAA Storage can help you for all your storage Ballina and Alstonville requirements.

Choose AAA Storage when Renovating

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The best thing you can do when renovating is to have your belongings stored.  You will want peace of mind knowing that everything is securely stored without the prospect of accidental damage during the renovation process.

Renovating takes time and effort.  The job will be easier if you can clear out as much as possible. You will want to remove such things as furniture, floor coverings and wall hangings.  It can be a major problem if you do not have anywhere to store your belongings, and the job could end up taking a great deal longer to complete.

You can remove some of the frustration from the renovating process, by using self-storage. AAA Storage Ballina has secure self storage units – all individually alarmed, which you can access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Putting your precious personal effects or business equipment into storage allows you to complete the job with ease, even if the work takes longer than expected, which is often the case.

Create extra space to work

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Painting, wall-papering, replacing flooring, etc, means you need easy access to all surfaces.  Furniture will need to be moved away from walls into another room or garage which is not always easy or convenient. Floor coverings will need to be removed or protected with coverings. It is very difficult to move large items and clutter into other rooms, especially if you are trying to live in the same space as well. Working around large items can be difficult and frustrating. You will want to create plenty of space to work with fewer interruptions allowing for free movement, especially if several trades are working on the project at the same time.  Instead of going through this stress, it is worth considering renting a storage unit with AAA Storage.  AAA Storage services the surrounding areas of Alstonville, Wollongbar, Ballina and Lismore.  Units with AAA Storage Ballina will only be a 15 minute drive away and you can access your goods quickly and easily using our unique pin code access to enter and exit the storage facility.

Storage for materials and equipment

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As any DIY home renovator will tell you, there are a lot of materials and equipment needed to complete a successful renovation.   From power tools to paint, ladders and hardware, or even new fittings such as bathroom vanities, bathtubs, sinks and lighting – all these items need to be safely and securely stored away until required.  It’s easy to get excited when you find the perfect light fitting or new door, but these items need to be stored securely ensuring they will be readily available to be fitted at the appropriate time.  If your home or business is small, this extra storage space will be just the thing you need to ensure a swift renovation with everything close by and easily accessible.  A secure self-storage unit with AAA Storage Alstonville will keep all your renovating equipment safe until needed.  With your own padlock on your individually alarmed unit and with constant CCTV video monitoring, your goods will be safe and secure with AAA Storage Alstonville.

Surplus or dated furniture

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Sometimes when renovating we change the entire appearance of our homes. This is usually the case, since the purpose of renovating is to achieve an updated and a fresh new look!   Unfortunately, it is sometimes the case that our old furniture no longer suits the new décor of our home or room.  Removing old furniture gives you the chance to consider a new style of furniture or layout.  It can sometimes be hard to part with much-loved and sentimental furniture, so in the meantime it makes sense to put things into storage until you decide your future needs.  You may even want to use the furniture again at some stage in the future or give yourself enough time to consider if selling the furniture is the best course of action. If you need to give yourself not only the extra space, but time to think, choose AAA Storage Alstonville, to secure your belongings during the renovation process.

Prevent accidental damage

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Renovating a home or business can be a major undertaking. Where there is paint, power tools and lots of dust, accidents can happen. Your precious furniture, equipment and other personal effects can be easily damaged beyond repair.  Even a small paint spill can permanently damage your furniture.  Accidents can’t always be prevented.   Whether you are a DIY renovator or choose to engage trades people, it is much easier and safer, if you put your favourite belongings into secure storage.  Keeping everything safe when your home resembles a building site, is a top priority for those wishing to return their precious possessions back to normal and not have life disrupted by lost or damaged belongings.

Contingency Planning

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Renovations often take longer than planned.  Such things as bad weather, delays from suppliers, and other life events, often get in the way making it difficult to predict when a renovation will be completed.  Whether you are doing the renovations yourself or using a skilled professional, there are often setbacks along the way.  You might even change your mind several times during the renovations, making the project timeline run longer than expected. Keeping your personal or business effects in a self-storage unit will remove some of the uncertainty, making your life a little more predictable. Having everything stored securely with AAA Storage Alstonville and Lismore, will give you the flexibility you need without the pressure of a deadline. Even some of the renovating equipment may need to be stored until certain stages of the project are complete.  You will want to know that you can access your stored goods at any time and that they are readily available when needed.  Keeping your work space clear will ultimately save you time and money.

At AAA Storage Ballina and Alstonville, you can decide what size storage unit will be most suitable to you by using our easy online Space Calculator.  Book your storage unit with AAA Storage Alstonville and Ballina online today. Visit