As Australia endures one of its worst ever fire seasons, it is timely to think about what you would do with your precious household possessions in the event of a fire or some other natural disaster. Placing precious items in Self Storage Alstonville can help keep them safe and secure.

As we don’t have any control over natural disasters, it is important to be prepared and to heed warnings.  If you live in an area of high fire danger, you should have a fire emergency plan in place.  Part of this plan might include working out what things you value and would like to preserve in the event of such an emergency.  When you are given a “leave now” direction, it is often too late to even think about packing up your valuables. Even worse, a “too late to leave” directive may put all your possessions at risk.   It is always best to be prepared.

Have you thought about what you would take with you in the event of a fire emergency?  It might be a good idea to move your valuables somewhere safe before disaster strikes.  AAA Self Storage Alstonville provides safe and secure self-storage.

Choose secure self-storage

A storage unit with AAA Self  Storage Alstonville will keep your goods safe and protected from the weather.  Whilst you should have your own insurance for your goods, moving your belongings to an area of low fire danger is a good precaution to take.  AAA Storage Ballina is also completely flood-free so you can be prepared for any weather event.

When you choose a self-storage facility, make sure it has all the security you need. AAA Storage Alstonville features security fencing, unique PIN code access, individually alarmed units and constant CCTV video monitoring.  AAA Storage Alstonville will keep your precious items totally secure.  Putting your valuable goods into secure storage allows you to leave your home in the event of an emergency knowing you will not be vulnerable to looters who often take advantage of these situations while you are away. Would-be thieves will leave empty-handed.

Importantly, you will want to access your items at any time and AAA Storage Alstonville provides easy access to your goods 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  AAA Storage Ballina has automatic lighting so you will never be left in the dark, should you need to access your storage space late at night.

You may need to continue to store your household goods or business goods if your home or business has been damaged by fire.  This would be a stressful event for anyone but at least you can rest assured that your most valuable items are safe and secure with AAA Storage Alstonville.

Take out good insurance cover with disaster protection

Fires on hillside

Taking out insurance cover in vulnerable areas may make the cost of insurance slightly higher but it is a good idea to protect your precious items in the case of a natural disaster.  If you want total peace of mind, speak to your insurance company about insurance while you have your goods in storage with AAA Storage Alstonville.  A good insurance plan will at least give you some money to buy similar items should the absolute worst happen.  Your insurance company may even lower the premium if you advise your goods are now in a secure storage facility with AAA Storage Alstonville which is located in a low bush-fire danger area and completely flood-free.

Work out how much space you need

AAA Storage Ballina has units which vary in size from 3mx3m to 3mx6m.  Our online space calculator is easy to access via our website  Whether you have a whole household full of goods to store or only a few items, we have a storage space that will suit your storage needs.  It is not always easy to estimate how much space you will need but units at AAA storage are advertised in cubic metres making sure you know exactly how much you can fit in each unit. Our storage units have extra high ceilings and you will be surprised by how much you can fit in a standard storage unit. When storing your goods with AAA Storage be sure to place any items you need easy access to at the front of the storage unit.  Packing your goods in boxes makes the best use of space and allows for easy stacking.  Try our online space estimator today by visiting the AAA Storage website.

Prepare your goods properly for storage

Household items prepped for storage

The best storage containers are water-tight plastic boxes that can be fully sealed.  Storing your goods in bins that are water and air tight allows them to stay safe in the case of a flood disaster and keeps everything safe from vermin.  Items made from leather, wood, rubber or metal should be appropriately wrapped.  Electronics should be placed into sealed plastic bags preferably with moisture absorbent products such as silica gel sachets to prevent damage from moisture.  A digital copy of any important documents such as birth certificates, passports and identification cards should be made and saved to a computer hard drive as well as emailed to yourself.  The originals should be stored in a fire-proof safe. Some items such as precious artwork need to be preserved before packing so that they do not get ruined with time.  Visit the AAA Storage website for more information, hints and tips on how to correctly store your household items.

AAA Storage Alstonville recommends packing supplies from Officeworks or Bunnings which are readily available and competitively priced.  Make sure the boxes are sturdy and very hard to break.  Items which are too big for boxes should be wrapped in several layers to avoid sustaining damage from being stored on a concrete floor.

Once you have everything safely secured with AAA Self Storage Alstonville, make sure you keep an eye on news reports so you know exactly what you need to do or when a disaster is going to hit or any other emergency situation develops.

Being prepared for natural disasters is the best way to minimise any possible damage that can occur and protect your most loved and precious items.