So you’re moving house and you have a lot of stuff to move but how do you get everything moved safely from A to B as efficiently and safely as possible?  If you have a whole household full of furniture and personal possessions, you will want to engage a reputable removalist company to do the job for you.  Relying on friends and family is not always possible and not a good idea. The last thing you want is for your belongings to be damaged or even lost during the move particularly if making a long journey. Here are some tips from AAA Storage Lismore for selecting a professional removalist company before you hit the road.

Check their credentials

Two men holding box and rug

A quick online check of your removalist company will help you avoid shoddy service and scams which are common these days.  If you are moving interstate, make sure the company is willing to transport your goods to your destination in another state and that their service covers the area you are moving to. Some removalists only operate within certain geographic areas.  AAA Storage is located in Alstonville, near Lismore on the beautiful north coast of New South Wales. AAA Storage Lismore is perfectly positioned to put your goods into storage whether you are moving to Lismore, Goonellabah, Wollongbar or Ballina, or anywhere in the northern rivers area.

It is also worth checking online reviews for removalist companies.  A large number of complaints should be a red flag. The company should have mostly positive testimonials. You will want to look for a professional removalist company that has been trading for a number of years, with full guarantees if they damage anything. Whilst newer companies can certainly offer a quality service, a company with a longer trading history of reliable service will have greater experience and should be able to easily answer all your questions about your specific type of move,

Whether you have a whole household of goods to move or even a single item, make sure you are dealing with the company directly and not with sub-contractors.

Size of truck or van

Red and white removalist truck

Depending on how much stuff you have to move, you should check that the removalist company has the type and size of removalist truck or van you will require. Most removalist companies can handle large full-scale house moves or even small single-item moves.  Make sure your removalist is flexible, offering a high level of service as well as allowing you to help – which could reduce the overall cost of the move. At AAA Storage Lismore, we have drive-up units which can accommodate a medium size removalist truck. Our large automatic gate opens to 9.5 metres wide.  Check with AAA Storage Lismore before your move to make sure the removalist truck will be able to access your storage unit easily.  Very large removalist trucks may need to trolley your items to your unit and they should have the equipment on board to do this.

Is the removalist fully insured

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When using a professional removalist company you can expect them to treat your possessions with respect and care.  A reputable removalist will ensure that all your items are loaded and unloaded carefully and transported safely to your destination or to your storage unit with AAA Storage Alstonville, so you won’t have to worry about damage and delays. However, accidents do happen and in the case of loss, damage or theft (or any other unforeseen mishap) you should check that the removalist company is fully insured against such events.  Ask the name of their insurance company.  Check that their liability insurance will cover the full value of your goods – not just a percentage. This might be included in their overall moving quote. Their own workmanship should also come with a guarantee.

It is also useful to check your own home and contents policy – some insurance companies will cover your goods during the move and while in storage.  AAA Storage Alstonville recommends you take out your own insurance to cover your goods while they are in storage.

Check charges

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A reputable removalist should not require a deposit and offer competitive hourly rates.  There should be no hidden or minimum charges.  Some removalists offer fixed rates for different types of moves, particularly for single items.  If the removalist company allows you to help, this may reduce the cost of the move.

It is definitely worth paying a reasonable price to have a professional removalist do the move for you, rather than trying to do all the hard work yourself. A good removalist will have you out of your old home and into your new place in hours, usually helping to re-assemble and put furniture into place. Sometimes they will even help you pack before you leave.

If moving your goods into storage with AAA Storage Alstonville, make sure your removalist includes packing your goods into a storage unit as part of the quote.  AAA Storage Alstonville has 24/7 access so no matter what time of day or night your removalist arrives, you will have access to your storage unit without delay or as soon as needed.

Moving Boxes

young woman standing among boxes

Moving boxes are essential when moving house. Most removalist companies are able to supply boxes or will have a range of boxes (new and second hand) for you to purchase and some will even deliver them to your door. Whether you buy new or second hand boxes, make sure they are in good condition and the boxes are strong enough to handle being fully packed.  Most storage boxes are made of double cardboard to increase their strength and longevity in storage.

Removalist companies should also be able to supply bubble wrap, butchers paper, etc to ensure the contents are not damaged during transit.  Be careful not to over-fill boxes which will make moving them difficult.  The removalist company will ensure boxes are not too heavy and usually limit the weight to 15 kilograms.  Ensure you label all your boxes clearly.

Upon arrival at AAA Storage Alstonville, your removalist company will find it easy to put your boxes into your storage unit for you.  They will have all the necessary equipment such as trolleys, etc, to ensure large heavy items such as refrigerators are safely moved into storage.